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DJ Daniel Skulnick, born and raised in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, exudes a profound connection to music that has shaped his remarkable journey. From an early age, his unwavering passion for the craft has fueled his determination to master his DJ skills, curating an extraordinary repertoire of mixes, music elements, and playlists that radiate positivity and joy.

His musical voyage began amidst the spirited 90s rave scene, where he swiftly emerged as a pioneer, leaving an indelible mark. It was within this mesmerizing realm that Skulnick fell head over heels in love with the infectious rhythms of Jungle, Drum & Bass, and Funky House, finding his true sonic calling.

In 2013, Skulnick embarked on an exciting chapter in the Philippines. However, he encountered a challenge—an absence of proper House music that resonated with his soul. Undeterred, he decided to rekindle his DJ career, starting off as an opening act, infusing the nights with his signature style of uplifting and soulful house music. His unwavering dedication soon bore fruit as he attracted a devoted following who shared his passion and admiration for his unique sounds. With influences spanning Funky House, EDM, and hip hop, Skulnick fearlessly pushes boundaries and embraces innovation, constantly striving to deliver fresh and exhilarating musical experiences.

Years of hard work and persistence culminated in an extraordinary achievement—being voted the #1 foreign DJ in the Philippines in 2021. This accolade not only recognizes Skulnick's extraordinary talent but also celebrates the unwavering support and love he receives from his loyal fans.

Currently, Skulnick holds residencies at two prestigious venues, where he continues to spread positivity and ignite joy through his vibrant sets. At Royal in Makati, the atmosphere is electrified and in Aqua Beach Club that transforms into a paradise of music and bliss on Sensational Saturdays and We Love Sundays, as Skulnick's enchanting melodies create an atmosphere of pure euphoria.

DJ Daniel Skulnick's incredible journey epitomizes the transformative power of music. With his infectious positivity and unwavering dedication to creating uplifting experiences, he continually pushes the boundaries of sound and spreads joy to audiences around the world. Prepare to be swept away by the vibrant and uplifting melodies of DJ Daniel Skulnick as he continues to illuminate every dancefloor he graces with his extraordinary talent.

Skulnick is currently a resident at :

Royal in Makati - Fresh Fridays & Kinky Sundays

Aqua Beach Club - Sensational Saturdays & We Love Sundays

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